Sam Spender (samspender) wrote,
Sam Spender

not that slightly

1. NAUStalgic feeling is back, this time it's all about OSTs. The OST playlist makes me feel like one of those rats from legend. You know what I am talking about.

И время крутится назад...

2. And there's more of St.P. these days. I even saw St.P cookies in local drugstore, yayness!

3. The scanner keeps making fun of me but we learn to live toghether again... we try to at least.

4. The whire river is back into my dreams, forever and ever, my only white river. UGH... it... kinda... hurts X_x

Там, за Белой рекой... ууууу, вьюга воет, и я вою вместе с ней. Ай нид хэлп, словом.

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